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Hey loves! Wow it’s been a while, I apologize for the silence, I needed a breather and it was a good time out. I recently went to a yoga festival in Lamu, which was fantastic and will post up some pictures soon. For now I wanted to leave you with a new video on my youtube channel! Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe!





Hey loves! How are ya?! I’m better after a few days of being terribly sick with a horrible flu, I always get sick this time of the year it sucks haha! It’s been over a week since I posted and it honestly feels like forever! Today I wanted to give you a review and my take on protein bars, there’s a lot of misconception about them and one thing people don’t know is that they’re actually NOT incredibly healthy depending on the brand. In this post, I will review a QUEST bar and NAKD bar and let you know my over all verdict on which one is best!


As I mentioned before, there is a lot of misconception of protein bars and how healthy they are you. Unfortunately a lot of protein bars contain artificial ingredients, added sugar and up to 43 grams of processed carbs (SO NOT GOOD FOR YOU). So when buying protein bars I highly recommend looking the ingredients list. You can find an article here highlighting exactly what to look for in protein bars and which ones are the best for you.



QUEST bars are a popular one among many! To be honest, I’ve only had a QUEST bar about three times in my whole life! Their bars come in many varieties and I’ve tried s’mores bar and their chocolate peanut butter bar. For this review I wanted to try something different and went for their vanilla almond crunch bar which you can find here.


The packaging of the bar looks great, good enough for me to buy it right off the bat haha! I do have to say though like most QUEST bars I’ve had, this is a really hard bar, in the sense that the content of the bar has a very hard exterior. This was definitely something I had to look out for because I have a retainer ( at the back of my teeth) and have to be cautious that they won’t break. Good news is that my retainer didn’t break, bad news is that it was somewhat hard to bite into and chew. The consistency of it felt incredibly dry and in my opinion, did not taste like vanilla or almonds. Kind of tasted like an expired sugar cookie with maybe less sugar. However, when eating the bar, I would recommend only eating half of it since it is very filling.



NAY ! Sadly I really didn’t like this bar, a lot of factors let me down and I felt as though it just didn’t work for me personally. Since this bar is quite heavy, I wouldn’t recommend having it before a workout (especially if its high impact). In addition, their flavours were really lacking and this happened with the other two flavours that I tried in the past.



NAKD bars were a new try for me! I was already enticed by the fact that it was dairy free, wheat free and vegan! Although I’m not a vegan, I do appreciate products that are beneficial and tasty for me and can help the planet as well.


I’m a big banana bread lover so I got their banana bread flavoured bar and I promise you it actually tastes like banana bread! It’s consistency was nice, soft and chewy, and I loved that because it nicely balances out all of the incredible flavours in the bar! These bars are quite small so you don’t feel incredibly full after eating one but you are most definitely satisfied! It’s a great pick me up right before a workout!


Absolutely YAY! From the first time I bought these till right now when I’m currently writing this post, I still eat these bars before a workout and occasionally right after before I get home and prepare a shake! They are not only delicious but do not include any artificial additives, no additional sugars and good for the body! Who doesn’t want that? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING THESE ! (If you are in Kenya you can find them at Healthy U)

Would you rather try the QUEST bar or NAKD bar? Let me know in the comments!


This is not a sponsored post, all the opinions are my own.

Photo by the best Poppy Miyonga

Happy February babes! I figured today I’d do a quick post with a recap of the first month of the year! From launching my blog to doing the 30 days of yoga challenge this month has been incredibly eye-opening, there were good days and there were some that weren’t as good but one step forward which means more growth!

Here are the top 3 highlights that happened this month on the blog!


Wow it feels crazy to say just  a month ago my blog came back and it has been nothing but fantastic writing posts and sharing with you guys again. I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve received and for all the readers, especially the new ones 🙂 .


I don’t usually check my stats but this month you guys loveeeedddd the DIY Coffee scrub post, if you haven’t seen it, you can find it here. I was so happy you all liked it that I’ll have another DIY scrub post on my blog soon!


So hopefully you all follow me on instagram, snapchat and twitter, I’ve shared my yoga journey with you guys and boy has it been a good one! Last night I finished day 30 of my yoga challenge and I was so proud of myself! This challenge not only helped with my body physically but also mentally. It taught me to take more care of myself and trust myself more! If you’ve been hesitant to try out this challenge, what’s the worst that could happen? NOTHING! Give it a shot and you’ll be surprised as to how far you can come! If you want more info on my challenge I’ve already done a post here and will have a new post going up next week reflecting on the challenge!




Bikini is from Ivyrevel 


Hey loves! Wow it feels weird to not have posted for a week but I needed a bit of a time out , so many changes are happening and so many things are being planned! Today’s post is my first HOTSPOT post ever on the blog! How exciting! I’m looking forward to starting this series with you and sharing all my HOTSPOTS  all around the world!


First up was none other than the beautiful Sankara hotel here in Nairobi,Kenya (in Westlands) and it is incredible! After a hot day, I wanted to take some time and relax by their gorgeous rooftop deck with a beautiful pool that has a view of the city.




For the day since I hung out by the pool, I wanted to show you the incredible view by the pool. Whether you’re catching a tan or just craving a good swim, I highly recommend coming here! The interior is quite modern with very earthy tones, which give off a very relaxed vibe in the deck area.


IMG_6026 Isn’t my friend Merlene gorgeous?! 🙂



I say absolutely YAY, this has probably become one of my favorite spots in the world. If you are currently living in Nairobi or thinking of visiting definitely take some time off and relax at Sankara! I forgot to mention that they also have a fantastic sauna and steam room that you can’t miss out on!

What are your thoughts on my first HOTSPOT? Let me know in the comments or tweet me here








I’m never good at DIY’s but finally created my own simple (DIY 😉 ) Coffee scrub and it smells so fucking good!

Hey loves! How are ya? I’m actually really good! The past couple days have been a bit off for me so it feels good to bounce back and feel content! In the shower, I FREAKING LOVE scrubs, they feel so nice on my body and one of my favorites is the Soap and Glory breakfast scrub, there’s one in like a maple syrup scent (which is my favorite) and there is one that is more of a citrus scent. I got one for my friend Margarita as well on her birthday and she was absolutely in love with it! I highly recommend it, especially for sensitive skin!  Sadly though, my Soap and Glory scrub is almost finished and I want to save just the little bit left that I’ve got, so I decided to create my own home made scrub ( if you’re not much of a coffee fan, I’ll create a different one and post it up in the coming weeks) .

This coffee scrub is so incredibly simple to make you’ll just need three things :

  • Coconut oil
  • Ground coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • Vanilla extract (optional if you want a different scent)

Right after you’re done scrubbing it all over, your body will feel fantastic! Although, I do have to mention that it can get quite messy in your shower!

Try this scrub out and let me know how it makes you feel by snapchatting me @petronella17 or sending me a tweet @petronellaa_