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Hey loves, so I recently did a halloween inspired photoshoot with a new photographer from Uncoura photography. He’s great and I am so excited about all the new exciting stuff we’ll have prepared for you guys. Find his instagram here¬† (his website will be up soon). Even though it’s not halloween anymore I figured I’d still show you guys the photo’s because they’re seriously artistic, and who doesn’t love a real artsy photo? Haha! I went as a creepy clown inspired by Harley Quinn and The Joker(BEE would be proud of me). The makeup took forever to do cause I was such a perfectionist and then it just had to rain in Perth that night ah! What do you guys think of my look? ¬†Anyway, how’s your week been? Surprisingly enough, mine wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. My week started off with classes at uni ( I only go to school on Monday and Tuesday) and for some reason I thought it’d be super hectic but I seemed to handle everything pretty well. Been relaxing and prepping a little bit for thanksgiving in two weeks! No Australia does not celebrate thanksgiving, but I do and even though I’m not home with my family this year I figured I’d continue probably one of my fav traditions at home. My friends here and I are gonna have a dinner and since I’m handling everything, I’m creating the menu. Do you guys celebrate thanksgiving? If so comment down below what speciality dishes you’ll be making, I’d love to know!

Hope you love the photo’s as much as I do.