photo by : Poppy Miyonga

Hey loves! It’s been almost 2 months since I put up my last post on here. WOW I have missed blogging. A lot of my friends and of course you guys have asked where I’ve been , or did I stop blogging? The the truth is, I took a break from EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. I had to for my health, my sanity, for my growth.



To start off, a couple of months ago when I left Australia, I hadn’t officially announced that I was leaving Australia for good. I left for very many reasons. Mentally I was all over the place and felt like, I NEEDED TO BREATHE. I came home to my mom and my cousin Hellen ( FYI we don’t live together but we see each other often) .  As much as I thought I was okay, because I suppressed  a lot, I wasn’t ok and that eventually led me to a hospital where I was almost admitted into. The truth is, all I was doing for a while was pushing myself and my engine had no fuel in it, I couldn’t stand people, I had the worst social anxiety and hid in my house, and I began to hate myself. I went off of social media for a really long time. I did it because it felt like noise for a while and felt a tremendous amount of pressure.


The truth is, the first 4 months of my life were hell. It’s an understatement to say I couldn’t get out of bed, but I could barely take a shower everyday. I couldn’t dress up. Leggings and sweatshirts were my go to no matter where I went. Both my mom and Hellen noticed this huge change in me. But it’s not that I was lazy, but physically couldn’t dress up everyday. I was always uncomfortable or in pain ( which also had to do with the serious back problems I was facing). I did nothing but cry to my therapist, and my best friend about how I felt like I wasn’t myself and felt like everything was spinning all the time, I felt out of focus or I guess out of touch. But into the second week of April, I guess you could say a shinning light came through, I saw doctors, got on the right medication where I began to get the right help. I will say that a lot of spirituality helped me.  I few weeks prior, I created a vision board ( BLOG POST + VIDEO COMING SOON) . 

Even more importantly, I had the best 3 individuals hold my hand along the way. And after that along the next two months, I manifested so many things I wanted in my life!

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First off, I’m moving to… LONDONwords cannot describe how incredibly thankful I am to not only have the opportunity to head to the school of my dreams but to live in the fast, vibrant city of London! I will pick up blogging and try my best to produce regular content. I want to keep being open and honest with all of my readers, not just about my successes but bumps along the way too! Lastly, give the best advice I can based off of personal experiences. Remember: THINGS WILL FALL INTO PLACE 


There is such a standard for perfection and sometimes we forget we’re human, we can definitely have our doubts about our future and we can grow from the worst of experiences life will give us, but THINGS WILL FALL INTO PLACE.  I don’t want to put a false impression of who I am or how my life is going; I choose to be open about it because it will help me grow and I hope it can do the same for you as well!

The last thing I want you to take out from this post is ; life isn’t necessarily about our success or our failure, yes that will make up some part of it. But majority of it will be growth and be the women or men we want to be.


Kisses ,

Petronella Risita






Fun sleepover with one of my best friends Noni!

First personal/everyday post, how fantastic?! So freaking crazy that Noni and I have been friends for 8 YEARS! CRAZY RIGHT?! She goes to fashion school in Italy and even though she’s the one always saying bye to me ( since I am always moving and usually am only in Kenya for the holiday), this time I had to say bye to her! It felt so weird, one day being with her and the next, we were on the way to the airport. After new years I really wanted to relax and I was so sad Noni wasn’t around to do something with me. I went over to her house after she came back and we cooked a lot of food and had a lot of wine. My favorite is L’ambrusco Emilia.

It was an incredible last day with Noni, she loved the Pad Thai, I finally taught her how to make it and I loved her asian fried rice, it was amazing! After dinner we finished our first bottle of wine so we decided to open up another one but I was already so sleepy haha that when we got into bed with our wine glasses and Noni was just about to start playing “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” , I completely passed out!  The next day we woke up and had a beautiful breakfast continued to watch “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and then took her dogs out for a walk and had some ice cream before we headed to the airport. I actually cried when she left 🙁 but not to worry, I’m hoping on a plane soon too so we’ll see each other a lot sooner!




 Incredible photo by : Poppy Miyonga

Hey loves! IT’S BEEN FOREVERRRRRR! I really have missed blogging but I needed a break and while I took sometime off and decided to give my blog a new look! How do you guys like it? Also how have you been, Missed the blog?! It’s so good to be back! So many of you sent me your kind messages wanting to know when the blog would be back up, it means so much that you care! A little while ago I mentioned that some changes were coming to this website (also rambled about it on my snapchat which you can add me directly here ) but three new  categories are being features now on the blog ; WRITING, PERSONAL/EVERYDAY AND HOTSPOTS . All of three of these categories are sooo personal for me, I’ve always loved to write but I’ve always been super shy about my writing , every once in a while I’ll post some pieces up on here and only hope you’ll like them! Personal/everyday  is all about my everyday life, whether I’m happy happy or sad or meeting up with friends or even just staying home,  baking , cooking an amazing meal or even just sharing a cozy night in ( which I SERIOUSLY LOVE, 20 YEAR OLD GRANDMA WOOP!) . Hotspot is all about new places/restaurants that I am currently loving and think you guys would love too! With a new look , there’s a new feel and I’m honestly so excited to take on this next chapter in my blogging life with you all! Also thank you so much for your well wishes and concerns about my health and wellbeing, I am much better now and will let you know if anything happens in the future, it really shows me how much you guys care which touches my heart immensely! Forgot to add that I’m also going to try my best to upload on Youtube to go along with my content on my blog! I’ll leave it here for now. Feels good to be back! One last thing to add, I’ve started my #30daysofyoga , which is such a super personal challenge for me and I’m so happy so many of you have decided to join me, don’t forget to share any pictures or tweets from your journey.  Hope you’ve had an amazing start to the new year. Be kinder, be open, be you.

A thousand kisses,