A very hot and fun weekend in Perth! For more follow my snapchat : petronella17

Hey loves! How are ya? I hope your weekend has been just as fun and just as adventurous as mine has! My Friday was pretty relaxed and got to have a chilled night in with some friends and great wine. Yesterday was when all the fun went down and got down for some serious fun. A few friends and I went cliff jumping not exactly sure where in Perth haha but it was a lot of fun! It was the best way to cool down since it was a crazy 40 degrees (celsius) out yesterday and it’d be an understatement to stay that I was dying of heat.  I jumped off one of the highest cliffs because I figured why the hell not , what’s the worst that could possibly happen to me? I didn’t mention this on my snapchat last night but second time jumping off the cliff was probably the most unpleasant. Initially I told myself that I would try my best to dive in three times but after bruise my butt (yes I said it right ) and my back thigh really badly I figured I’d take a rest. Also forgot to mention that at this point I had cut the top of my lip open haha. Even though my injury was quite painful, it hasn’t scared me off. I definitely want to do this again and hopefully next time I wont be left with a purple bruise on my behind.

Enjoy the last bits of your weekend.





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Finally turned 19! 

// Dress – Motel Rocks / Playsuit – Boohoo / Shoes – H&M / Sunglasses – Prestige eyewear//

Hey loves, hope you’re all doing fantastic! Over the weekend (well Sunday to be exact) I turned 19! I celebrated on both Saturday and Sunday and I have to thank my beautiful friends who joined me for showing me the best time. On Saturday afternoon we headed to the intercontinental (one of my fav hotels in Nairobi) and checked into our room and waited for everyone to get ready so we could head downstairs to the  hotels Indian restaurant. Probably the best Indian food I’ve had in Nairobi it was amazing and to top it all off they shut down the light and began to sing happy birthday while they brought out the cake! We then went back up to our rooms and got ready to head to our favorite clubs in Nairobi. It took us like 2 hours to all get ready it was insane! We finally headed out and had the best time! We danced until 6 in the morning! Woke up three hours later with a slight hangover and ate the biggest breakfast I’ve ever had with the girls. We then checked out of the hotel and later in the day one of my closest friends Bhumi took me out to Zen garden for dinner. It was so good! We had so much to eat I literally had a food baby! I then headed to bhumi’s house for the night and slept over at hers. Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made it so fantastic!

Lots of love,




Photo from a shoot I had last month with Poppy <3 

Hey guys! I know it’s literally been three weeks since I last posted but so much ( no literally ) , so much has been going on! First of all, I’m moving to Australia next month and its confirmed! CRAZY I KNOW! I wasn’t planning it honestly and I was actually supposed to be moving somewhere else but I went with my adventurous trait  and basically put myself to a new adventure in Perth, Australia.  Planning my move there has been so crazy and am currently in the process of getting my visa done. I will either shoot a vlog on my youtube channel and kind of just document on my move there or I’ll just let you know how it is on here. In addition to that, I’ve been sick on and off and it was basically at it’s worst last week when I had to be rushed to hospital due to a horrible/ horrific allergic reaction (ew). I talked about it in a youtube video which will be up soon! I also wanna know how you guys are doing? I’ve been really good actually, I won’t lie the beginning of August absolutely sucked for me and I thought literally it was just gonna go downhill from there but I have some pretty freaking amazing people in my life and they’ve seriously made me a much happier person. Which makes me also add that sometimes when you feel super shitty, kinda look around you and find out what’s making you feel like that, is it a specific person or group of people? A significant event? Figure it out and cut the problem even if it means you have to cut certain people out of your life and I’ve found that I’ve had to do just that in order to be a much happier person. Anyway enough of the lecture haha, my 19th birthday is on Sunday. I’m celebrating it on both Saturday and Sunday at the Intercontinental Hotel (which has basically become one of my fav hotels in Nairobi) and maybe a nice dinner with my mom and family on Sunday evening (I’m still planning) but I will take loads of photos for you guys! I hope your week is going well so far and for those of you who are back to school good luck on a new school year!



ngb 3

Hey there! As I’ve mentioned before, I recently joined the bloggers group NEXT GENERATION BLOGGERS with up and coming bloggers all around Nairobi, I am so excited for the projects we have coming up! We recently shot a promo video where we introduce each of the blogs, which you can find HERE , make sure to subscribe to our channel!






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My weekend at the intercontiental 🙂

Wearing a dress from Motel Rocks, Jacket from ASOS and shoes from Boohoo

Hey loves! How are ya? Sorry I haven’t posted in a while my connection has been horrible! Anyway how are you? I spent my weekend at the intercontinental with my mom and it was fantastic! Thank you once again to intercontinental for having me! I loved everything about my weekend, from my amazing back massage to my fantastic dinner and drinks to the ever so comfortable beds (no really they are super comfy) I just spent my evening at the Levi’s denim collection launch for women and I am so excited to share all the photo’s with you and show you what I got! I am so excited to be working with Levi’s!  Anyway I’ll catch you loves tomorrow, I’m off to bed!