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Hey loves! Wow it feels weird to not have posted for a week but I needed a bit of a time out , so many changes are happening and so many things are being planned! Today’s post is my first HOTSPOT post ever on the blog! How exciting! I’m looking forward to starting this series with you and sharing all my HOTSPOTS  all around the world!


First up was none other than the beautiful Sankara hotel here in Nairobi,Kenya (in Westlands) and it is incredible! After a hot day, I wanted to take some time and relax by their gorgeous rooftop deck with a beautiful pool that has a view of the city.




For the day since I hung out by the pool, I wanted to show you the incredible view by the pool. Whether you’re catching a tan or just craving a good swim, I highly recommend coming here! The interior is quite modern with very earthy tones, which give off a very relaxed vibe in the deck area.


IMG_6026 Isn’t my friend Merlene gorgeous?! 🙂



I say absolutely YAY, this has probably become one of my favorite spots in the world. If you are currently living in Nairobi or thinking of visiting definitely take some time off and relax at Sankara! I forgot to mention that they also have a fantastic sauna and steam room that you can’t miss out on!

What are your thoughts on my first HOTSPOT? Let me know in the comments or tweet me here





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// Coat- Bought in sweden / Jeans – H&M/ Shoes- gift similar at public desire/ Top – H&M/ Belt- Valleygirl/ Bag- Balmain x H&M//

Hey loves! How are ya? Today is your lucky day! Two posts are going up ( a cookie recipe) today!  How’s your weekend been? Mine has actually been very relaxed but also very fun! My weekend started off with Camille taking me out to dinner at the Best Western hotel here in Nairobi. I always love going to hotel with my mom but I’ve never been to this one. It was so beautiful when we got in and I couldn’t wait to dig into all the amazing food! It was Nairobi Restaurant week so the hotel’s restaurant Pablo’s created a special menu just for the week’s event. I ordered my favorite, the lasagna as usual, for dessert the chocolate mousse was to die for! Everyone in Nairobi should go check it out!

I’m in love with the outfit I wore because for the first time I took out my Balmain x H&M bag! So freaking happy I bought it, I think it was such a good investment, considering it was being sold for thousands of dollars online shortly after the collection came out! The rest of the outfit is quite subtly chic and so the accessories really bring it up to the next level!



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// Jacket – ASOS (old) / Top – Forever 21 / Jeans- H&M/ Belt- Valleygirl/ Sunnies- Valleygirl/ Shoes- Maasai Market/ Bag – Michael Kors// 

Hey loves! Been a while since I’ve done an outfit post huh? I got a new camera over the weekend ( Canon 1200 D) and I could not wait to start playing around with it. On Sunday Camille and I actually had plans to shoot somewhere else but something came up so we met later on in the day and I thought why don’t we head down to the war memorial cemetery along Ngong road. We shot for about an hour and we had so much fun, shooting Camille was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! As much as cemeteries are kinda creepy ( boy do I get freaked out pretty easily), this place was so beautiful and so green! You could say this was somewhat of an impromptu shoot haha so I’m not the most dressed up and you might probably noticed my sports bra in one of the pictures above haha! Yes I like to wear sports bra’s on very relaxed days, but all together I still quite like this look, I think it’s still quite chic! By the way, what do you guys think about the big hair change? I’m in love with my bangs!

Enjoy your week!






Starbucks Frappe in hand = very happy gal




My fantastic family!


Right before we went deer searching ( one of the hottest days in London for 2 hours turned into another rainy day)

Photos from my trip to London last year summer 2014 !

Hey loves, how are ya? I’ve wanted to share with you guys my plans for summer (technically winter in Australia) next year. Unfortunately this year I wasn’t really able to travel. With my blog starting, I had so much to do and so much to learn in order to continuously improve my blog. Also my move to Australia was a big factor, I had so much planning to do for that so I was really overwhelmed. I travel to Nairobi next month for a quick catch up with you guys, my mom and my friends. I’m so excited! I’ve only been away for around 2 months and I miss so much about Nairobi, even  Nakumatt (a supermarket) haha! I’m also really excited because once I come back I have so many things coming up that will all be featured in the blog! Anyway getting back to my need for travel next year , nothing is absolutely confirmed yet but I really wanted to travel to Europe. I was in London in summer 2014 and I loved it! Probably one of the best vacations I’ve had in my whole life! Next year I wanted to visit London again and catch up with my family there but also head to Paris and Stockholm. It’ll be so crazy going back to Stockholm, all my childhood memories ( I lived in Stockholm for five years), I know it’s going to be so much fun! Lastly, Paris. I’ve never been to Paris before but possibly going there makes me so excited! My friend Sophie is moving there (she was my prom date, no homo haha) and it’s been so long since I’ve seen my crazy friend so I figured me going out to see her and have some summer fun would be perfect for us! Are there any places you recommend for tourists to go in any of the three cities ( Stockholm, London, Paris)? Let me know in the comments below!






12286082_1206474119366419_933085475_n (1)



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Haha we look so excited!





From my thanksgiving dinner last night 

Wearing earrings from BALMAIN x H&M and dress is bought from a flee market.

Hey loves! How’ve you been? HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Last night my friends and I had a get together and brought lots of food and had lots to drink. The wine was so good! I was so stuffed and I am so happy everyone got to be a part of it. Cat and I look particularly really excited in one of the pictures haha! As you can see there was a lot of food and yes there was a turkey, a 50 kg turkey! It was so good and we cooked it perfectly! I was so happy! I have so much to be thankful for this year but as you are reading this I wanted to let you know that I am thankful for you. All of you. My readers have exceeded my expectations and we have hit 17k visits?! Do you know how crazy that is? I literally started this blog in July and would have never thought to have gotten to 17 thousand visits by November! So yes I am thankful for each and everyone of you! So I’m deciding to have a giveaway! You can receive two beauty pieces! Will post up a blog sometime next week giving you the details and rules. Competition is strictly Kenya and Australian based.