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Hey loves! How are you? I’ve been SO incredibly busy, and so that’s the reason for a short break here on my blog. As I mentioned a few months ago, I’M MOVING TO LONDON, well next week to be precise! The nerves have caught up with me and just like all the other six times in my life where I moved to a new country, I know that nerves are a good thing! Although I’ve moved around the world enough times, I still want to know any tips any of you might have to share with me and it would be great if any of you are londoners as well ūüôā

What’s to come

Since it’s my last few days in Nairobi, I’m spending them with good company and making beautiful memories before I leave. Tomorrow night we’re all going out to KIKOY CULTURE and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing night and then after lot’s of quality time together with people I love. THEN TOUCH DOWN IN LONDON and I’ll be celebrating my 21st! As for the blog, I’ve got scheduled posts that are going to go up and of course I will keep you updated and take you along with me on my big journey.



Thank you so much to everyone who has wished me well on this transition , sending all my love to you!

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Gonna head out for dinner, talk to you later loves!






Bikini is from Ivyrevel 


Hey loves! Wow it feels weird to not have posted for a week but I needed a bit of a time out , so many changes are happening and so many things are being planned! Today’s post is my first HOTSPOT post ever on the blog! How exciting! I’m looking forward to starting this series with you and sharing all my HOTSPOTS¬† all around the world!


First up was none other than the beautiful Sankara hotel here in Nairobi,Kenya (in Westlands) and it is incredible! After a hot day, I wanted to take some time and relax by their gorgeous rooftop deck with a beautiful pool that has a view of the city.




For the day since I hung out by the pool, I wanted to show you the incredible view by the pool. Whether you’re catching a tan or just craving a good swim, I highly recommend coming here! The interior is quite modern with very earthy tones, which give off a very relaxed vibe in the deck area.


IMG_6026¬†Isn’t my friend Merlene gorgeous?! ūüôā



I say absolutely YAY, this has probably become one of my favorite spots in the world. If you are currently living in Nairobi or thinking of visiting definitely take some time off and relax at Sankara! I forgot to mention that they also have a fantastic sauna and steam room that you can’t miss out on!

What are your thoughts on my first HOTSPOT? Let me know in the comments or tweet me here





Hey loves, how are ya? Fall is finally here, a new season with new exciting trends to follow! I love the change in color palettes and pieces that switch up from summer’s hot and breezy to autumn’s glam and comfy! I’ve seen so much inspiration for what to wear this season and switch it up to cater my personal style! I’m gonna share with you my top 5 things that are trending this fall!


Velvet is definitely a material I’m absolutely in love with, the feel of it, the look and I think it has an incredible amount of character, even when paired with the simplest of things! For this season designers such as Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta showed their fresh touch on the velvet trend which looks absolutely fabulous!


Photos From : www.vogue.com and www.collezioni.info/en

Here are some of my favorite velvet pieces at a much more affordable price!

1. Here  2. Here 3. Here. 4.Here




Boots from Louis Vuitton

Boots are my must have for this season! They’re incredibly chic and come in different colors , materials and forms (whether they are thigh Рhigh or cute little ankle boots)


Public Desire has amazing boots for the fall and take on the same trend but at a much more affordable price!

1.Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here


This new trend is not only super chic but also incredibly comfortable! Who knew the two could go with each other so well? Pull off your inner Gigi and match some of your fave adidas tracksuit pants and any accessories to put your personal touch.
gigi-00Photo from: TEEN VOGUE



1.Here 2. Here 3. Here


There’s been quite a little bit of controversy over this trend because I guess there’s a fine line between looking chic and looking like you’re going to bed. But I think if accessorized well and paired with the right pieces , you’d look like you just came off the runway! Chiara Ferragni, Kenza Zouiten pull this look off perfectly for fall when worn over a simple white tee!


Photo from : http://kenzas.se/



1.Here 2. Here

Photo from :¬†Chiara Ferragni’s Blonde Salad

I definitely could not forget jewelry! Chunky cool jewelry has been all rage all over the fashion scene for this season! Designers like Alexander Wang and Balenciaga had some of the perfect accessories to pull any look together! Here are some of my favorite affordable pieces .

1.Here 2. Here 3. Here.

I hope you guys loved this post all on fall fashion, and kindly let me know what is your favorite trend for this season in the comments!

Kisses, Petronella.








Business class lounge in Abu Dhabi , Hellzzz yeah! 

Hey loves how are ya?! So incredibly sorry for the silence, this week has been crazy hectic! If you follow me on snapchat (@petronella17) or even twitter (@petronellaa_), you would have seen me rant on and on about how my flight out of Nairobi and straight to Abu Dhabi was delayed. Initially it was a two hour delay and thank God my friends and my mom were still at the airport when I found out because I could kill time a little easier with them around, but once I actually checked in and got into the gate I was supposed to board from, that was a whole other story. As soon as I got into my gate, one of the flight attends came up to the waiting crowd to let us know that the plane was going to be another 2 hours late. Yeah it sucked but I was told earlier that even my flight to Perth would be delayed so I didn’t have to stress out and even with this further delay I thought my connecting flight would also be late but I was wrong. It took us about 6 hours to get to Abu Dhabi and as soon as I arrived, I got a new boarding pass, only the ticket read that the flight was the next day at 11 pm (a whole day later)!! At this point I kinda lost my shit, so I headed over to the flight transfer desk and they put on a flight to Melbourne for the next morning and then I would connect from Melbourne to Perth. The staff at the flight transfer desk promised a hotel stay since I had to sleep overnight but never really got that, instead I got to hang out in the business class lounge as I waited a total 12 hours for my flight. I won’t complain it was pretty amazing and so incredibly beautiful! The staff were so accommodating, whatever you needed, they got for you! The food was great , and more importantly (well not that important) the bathroom was magical! They had showers in it and everything and this was like a pretty high class shower if I do say so myself. I don’t know if this would count as TMI but the bathrooms were so fancy that you didn’t have to manually press a button to flush , just kinda wave your hand over a signal thing and it automatically flushes ( kinda cool, no?) haha! Anyway, I took a few pictures while in the lounge and wanted to share with you guys! Now I’m back in Perth, trying to fight jet lag and time difference but I’m hoping to get up to some adventure this weekend! How are you guys spending your weekend?





Hey Loves! I hope you’re all doing amazing as usual. Today’s post is a little different, I thought I’d spice things up and show you clothing lines I’m currently loving. I’m hoping to do this regularly so maybe every two or three months? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!



Starting off with Deepa Dosaja, oh my God am I in love with this brand! I had the very lucky experience of going to visit her store with Bee while she was doing some things for work and I ¬†was there to help with anything she needed. Deepa came in and was a flush of positivity and looked absolutely remarkable. The store in itself has a very calm aura which go incredibly well with the rustic and woody browns shades that compliment almost every color of every piece in the store. This brand is incredibly high-end but it’s got excellent material quality. For someone who doesn’t wear print often, I’m absolutely in love with all the colors! Every piece within each collection perfectly compliments the womans body. With whatever body you have, I guarantee you’ll be feeling so incredibly confident in any of Deepa’s pieces! Having seen some of the pieces up close myself, I know when I get the chance, I will most definitely purchase something from this brand!



I met Angela last year during my few months off in Nairobi, she was so much fun and has such an electric aura! We had a few cocktails but the laughs never ended. When I met her I was actually with my friend Camille because she’s now officially one of the stylists for this brand, how exciting! Angela just recently released her resort 15/16 collection and all the pieces look so amazing! This collection features a lot of bold colors which is honestly the best way to say “Hello perfect weather, I’m ready for you”. I’m particularly in love with the dress above , with my next trip to Nairobi later this week, I might call in and see if they have it in my size. Nonetheless, Angela’s emerging brand continues to grow and I honestly cannot wait to see how she’ll take the African fashion industry by storm.




¬†Pronounced as Icon, I just recently heard of this brand on Joy Kendi’s blog, which you can find here . I thought this brand was quite unique in the sense that a lot of their pieces have aspects of ¬†traditional African culture (I mean look at the beading of the jumpsuit, is it not lovely?) but then also is quite modern in the shape of their pieces and even some of the color’s that they use. I’m really excited to see this line grow and I think that a lot of fashion influencers will be incredibly inspired by “Ikojn” in itself.

zoom-l19_125_8453 (1)



Probably one of my favorite lines for about the past year, I was first introduced to “Hunkydory” last year because of my favorite fashion blogger, Kenza Zouiten. I remember she was at their showroom trying on a lot of pieces and I was just amazed. Everything she wore, I wanted. I still do, but maybe sometime in the near future. “Hunkydory” is a high end , Swedish based brand ( back to my roots in Stockholm ofc ;)) and is so incredibly minimalistic but chic at the same time. I think whatever style you have, whether you love prints, color or even neutrals, this line can satisfy your every need in your wardrobe. One day when I am able to afford one of their pieces, I’ll link this post and see how far I’ve come haha! Find some inspiration from their brand here.¬†



Okay so if you’ve never heard of Acne , then I’m sorry but you’ve been living under a rock for a while. Now I’m not talking about Acne like the skin issue a lot of face in our early teen years, I’m talking about probably one of the most high fashion brands , in the international fashion scene. Based in Stockholm, Sweden (back to my Swedish roots ;)) this brand is always setting the trends. With their beautiful colors (they love to play around with color and do a great job at it ) and shapes, almost every single fashion blogger I know either owns or wants to own a piece from this high-end brand. You can find some of my favorite looks by bloggers wearing Acne here and here.

That’s all for today folks, but I really hope you loved this!

Let me know all your thoughts down below!