Fun sleepover with one of my best friends Noni!

First personal/everyday post, how fantastic?! So freaking crazy that Noni and I have been friends for 8 YEARS! CRAZY RIGHT?! She goes to fashion school in Italy and even though she’s the one always saying bye to me ( since I am always moving and usually am only in Kenya for the holiday), this time I had to say bye to her! It felt so weird, one day being with her and the next, we were on the way to the airport. After new years I really wanted to relax and I was so sad Noni wasn’t around to do something with me. I went over to her house after she came back and we cooked a lot of food and had a lot of wine. My favorite is L’ambrusco Emilia.

It was an incredible last day with Noni, she loved the Pad Thai, I finally taught her how to make it and I loved her asian fried rice, it was amazing! After dinner we finished our first bottle of wine so we decided to open up another one but I was already so sleepy haha that when we got into bed with our wine glasses and Noni was just about to start playing “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” , I completely passed out!  The next day we woke up and had a beautiful breakfast continued to watch “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and then took her dogs out for a walk and had some ice cream before we headed to the airport. I actually cried when she left 🙁 but not to worry, I’m hoping on a plane soon too so we’ll see each other a lot sooner!




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