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Photos of Cornelia, Steffy and I from 4 and a half years ago!

I know I talk about my best friend Cornelia a lot haha, perhaps that’s because we’ve been best friends for like 12 years and she’s a literal sister to me so I just blab about her every now and then. So much change can happen in 4 years oh my God, like now I don’t think I could ever wear those hooker nails (because come on look at the length of those nails) , I’m so much into shorter nails now and thank GOD the braces came off! That trip to Victoria Falls was so much fun especially cause I hadn’t seen my best friend for like 3 years before that, she traveled all the way to Zimbabwe for me   I’ve been feeling so sick today and not in the sense that I have a cold or anything like that, my mind is just all over the place and that’s having a physical toll on me , I’m just having one of those days where I feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m not necessarily liking what I see, not everything is always perfect and for the first time I’m sharing that. Gonna head out of the door soon and maybe get a green juice or something , but aside from that good news, I finally filmed a vlog which will go up on my youtube channel hopefully by tonight! So weird to use a camera just to follow me around , oh well I’ll get used to it.

I’ll catch you guys later!




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