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A couple of photos from the past few weeks.  Letting you all know I still look the same haha.

Wow , it’s been a month since I posted on here and boy do I miss it. This post will be super lengthy (well not super lengthy but long enough for you to grab your favorite drink or snack and just read) . In my last post ” bad day” , I talked about kind of over exhausting myself , which was not fun, I needed a break from everyone and everything so I took a hiatus on my blog. My first year of university was coming to an end and I had to focus on final assessments, plans for the summer ( Australian winter) and plans for my second year not just academically but also personally. It’s almost going to be year since I started up this website and as much as there are over 1000 fashion and lifestyle blogs, I promise to always be as authentic as I can be and let you know if I’m having a shitty day or rather a shitty week.  Since my last post, I contemplated on a lot, a lot of things that I’ve wanted and a lot of things I’ve wanted to do and so because I was so exhausted , I was also very emotional because I am someone who likes to be in control, and when I’m not , I don’t always handle it well. I know I’ve talked about this in the past but I really did feel like my blog wasn’t doing as much of a good job as I hoped, fashion is much more than showing off what you just bought on asos or taking outfit photos because as much as that is content for other blogs, that will not be THE ONLY CONTENT ON MY BLOG. I think for anyone who is reading this and has a blog or will start a blog , compare yourself but only to a certain extent. Compare your reach to a peer, how can you improve the interaction between you and your readers but do not compare the content you want to create and the content everyone else has. Having said that, I won’t drag out and explain everything else that was going on and how I achieved that because time is sometimes the best cure and also there is no need to go back and revisit problems that held me back. Finally, I am back, and more liberal to post whatever I want, fashion , lifestyle, or just discussion based. If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram, you’d have seen a few sneak peeks for where I’m travelling to next, and I am so excited for this trip and finally getting to see my best friend! I’ll give you more details right when I’m about to leave! ALSO MORE YOUTUBE VIDSS COMING YOUR WAY!

As always let me know how you are doing and what you would love to see on my blog!




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