One of the best cleansers I’ve used by Lush Cosmetics, Let the good times roll! 

Hey loves, how are ya? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty okay, not as amazing as I hoped it would be but today I thought about starting the week on a good note and sharing something that I have been loving for the past month or so. I went to Lush a while back and I really needed a new cleanser because I wanted to try something new but also keep it friendly to my skin and natural! You guys know I love the body shop, especially because all of their products are animal cruelty free and Lush has the exact same policy. This instantly drew me because I haven’t bought a lot of products from Lush in the past but when I needed a new cleanser I emphasised on the fact that it needed to be hydrating and moisturising because I have dry skin (well it’s been like this for the past year) .  The staff helped me pick out a cleanser I really liked ( they have a large variety depending on your skin type) and it was this one. First off, it smells like caramel popcorn which is my absolute fav! Second, it’s got a few grains in there that exfoliate the skin and leave it really nice and smooth instead of incredibly dry. Note that this isn’t an exfoliate, the grains just act like one but it’s a cleanser. Overall, this not only smells good but it feels so good and I feel like is the reason for a vast improvement in my skin! I love it! The next time you head to lush and you find this product, try it out and always let me know what you think!



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