Business class lounge in Abu Dhabi , Hellzzz yeah! 

Hey loves how are ya?! So incredibly sorry for the silence, this week has been crazy hectic! If you follow me on snapchat (@petronella17) or even twitter (@petronellaa_), you would have seen me rant on and on about how my flight out of Nairobi and straight to Abu Dhabi was delayed. Initially it was a two hour delay and thank God my friends and my mom were still at the airport when I found out because I could kill time a little easier with them around, but once I actually checked in and got into the gate I was supposed to board from, that was a whole other story. As soon as I got into my gate, one of the flight attends came up to the waiting crowd to let us know that the plane was going to be another 2 hours late. Yeah it sucked but I was told earlier that even my flight to Perth would be delayed so I didn’t have to stress out and even with this further delay I thought my connecting flight would also be late but I was wrong. It took us about 6 hours to get to Abu Dhabi and as soon as I arrived, I got a new boarding pass, only the ticket read that the flight was the next day at 11 pm (a whole day later)!! At this point I kinda lost my shit, so I headed over to the flight transfer desk and they put on a flight to Melbourne for the next morning and then I would connect from Melbourne to Perth. The staff at the flight transfer desk promised a hotel stay since I had to sleep overnight but never really got that, instead I got to hang out in the business class lounge as I waited a total 12 hours for my flight. I won’t complain it was pretty amazing and so incredibly beautiful! The staff were so accommodating, whatever you needed, they got for you! The food was great , and more importantly (well not that important) the bathroom was magical! They had showers in it and everything and this was like a pretty high class shower if I do say so myself. I don’t know if this would count as TMI but the bathrooms were so fancy that you didn’t have to manually press a button to flush , just kinda wave your hand over a signal thing and it automatically flushes ( kinda cool, no?) haha! Anyway, I took a few pictures while in the lounge and wanted to share with you guys! Now I’m back in Perth, trying to fight jet lag and time difference but I’m hoping to get up to some adventure this weekend! How are you guys spending your weekend?




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