Hey loves, how are ya? Fall is finally here, a new season with new exciting trends to follow! I love the change in color palettes and pieces that switch up from summer’s hot and breezy to autumn’s glam and comfy! I’ve seen so much inspiration for what to wear this season and switch it up to cater my personal style! I’m gonna share with you my top 5 things that are trending this fall!


Velvet is definitely a material I’m absolutely in love with, the feel of it, the look and I think it has an incredible amount of character, even when paired with the simplest of things! For this season designers such as Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta showed their fresh touch on the velvet trend which looks absolutely fabulous!


Photos From : www.vogue.com and www.collezioni.info/en

Here are some of my favorite velvet pieces at a much more affordable price!

1. Here  2. Here 3. Here. 4.Here




Boots from Louis Vuitton

Boots are my must have for this season! They’re incredibly chic and come in different colors , materials and forms (whether they are thigh – high or cute little ankle boots)


Public Desire has amazing boots for the fall and take on the same trend but at a much more affordable price!

1.Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here


This new trend is not only super chic but also incredibly comfortable! Who knew the two could go with each other so well? Pull off your inner Gigi and match some of your fave adidas tracksuit pants and any accessories to put your personal touch.
gigi-00Photo from: TEEN VOGUE



1.Here 2. Here 3. Here


There’s been quite a little bit of controversy over this trend because I guess there’s a fine line between looking chic and looking like you’re going to bed. But I think if accessorized well and paired with the right pieces , you’d look like you just came off the runway! Chiara Ferragni, Kenza Zouiten pull this look off perfectly for fall when worn over a simple white tee!


Photo from : http://kenzas.se/



1.Here 2. Here

Photo from : Chiara Ferragni’s Blonde Salad

I definitely could not forget jewelry! Chunky cool jewelry has been all rage all over the fashion scene for this season! Designers like Alexander Wang and Balenciaga had some of the perfect accessories to pull any look together! Here are some of my favorite affordable pieces .

1.Here 2. Here 3. Here.

I hope you guys loved this post all on fall fashion, and kindly let me know what is your favorite trend for this season in the comments!

Kisses, Petronella.












I turned 20 yesterday!

Outfit details: Leather jacket – Zara / Dress- Motel Rocks / Blouse and Pants – Zara / Shoes – Gift but similar HERE

Hey loves! I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I turned twenty, I don’t know how many of you know this but I was so excited to leave teenagehood behind me, since I mentally sometimes don’t feel like I’m as young as I am, I feel like I’m some sort of a grandma, I love my cozy nights in on the weekend, baths ( like Blanche from a streetcar named desire) and watching movies or doing something cozy ♥ . I didn’t have time to edit any photo’s so sorry about that! It was such a relaxing birthday which is such a change, for the past 3 years all of my birthdays have been absolute mayhem, and serious partying, I figured I’d do something a little more chill but still fun this year. Brenda and I headed down to Hilary’s beach and had churros, enjoyed the sun and the beautiful view of the water! The weather was so amazing in Perth , it was so unreal because winter just ended and the sun had been hiding for a little while. When I got home, I had a quick change and had to head out the door to meet Margarita and head to Raffles Hotel where we had an amazinggggggggg dinner and yummy cocktails! Thank you to everyone who made my birthday amazing! I’ve put down some pictures of my best messages. I’m so thankful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life who make me feel so incredibly appreciated. Here’s to a new year, and new adventures!



img_4899 img_5135 img_5136 img_5137















Busy week, treat yo’self.

Hey loves! How are you? I’m sooooo incredibly busy but I really wanted to post today and check in with you guys. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend so far and please let me know what you’re up to! The past week has been so incredibly crazy with tons of assesments being due super soon, being a film student is definitely not easy! Although I’ve been all over the place I wanted to kind of pamper myself this weekend so I got a new face mask from lush and this is a new buy for me but I have to say I don’t love it immediately, I’ll have to try it out a few more times and maybe I’ll grow to love it? I recently asked you guys to ask me a bunch of questions because I really wanted to film a Q&A and I got more than I was expecting and definitely some good questions in there too! If you guys didn’t manage to ask me anything this time round make sure to follow my snapchat – @petronella17 or my twitter to ask away! I’ve got to get running now but enjoy your weekend!









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Photos of Cornelia, Steffy and I from 4 and a half years ago!

I know I talk about my best friend Cornelia a lot haha, perhaps that’s because we’ve been best friends for like 12 years and she’s a literal sister to me so I just blab about her every now and then. So much change can happen in 4 years oh my God, like now I don’t think I could ever wear those hooker nails (because come on look at the length of those nails) , I’m so much into shorter nails now and thank GOD the braces came off! That trip to Victoria Falls was so much fun especially cause I hadn’t seen my best friend for like 3 years before that, she traveled all the way to Zimbabwe for me   I’ve been feeling so sick today and not in the sense that I have a cold or anything like that, my mind is just all over the place and that’s having a physical toll on me , I’m just having one of those days where I feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m not necessarily liking what I see, not everything is always perfect and for the first time I’m sharing that. Gonna head out of the door soon and maybe get a green juice or something , but aside from that good news, I finally filmed a vlog which will go up on my youtube channel hopefully by tonight! So weird to use a camera just to follow me around , oh well I’ll get used to it.

I’ll catch you guys later!